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The Anode Jacking Frame Of Preventing The Anode Grab Shedding

2017-04-26 12:13:03

When electrolyte the aluminum, it need to replace the anode frequently, because of it big weight, it should use muti-function frame to replace, it needs tighten the grab when raising. This grab is tight by air cylinder rod, the electromagnetic head is in the power state,if the power is interrupt, the air cylinder shrink will make grab fall off, then the anode can’t raising or fall down to the floor after raising. Existing the problem of decreasing operation efficiency and safety hazard.

 Anode Grab of Anode Jacking Frameanode grab preventing shedding

Technical programme

The equipment of preventing the anode grab shedding includes anode cramp, landing support and two hanging ears, hanging ears fixed on the two sides of landing support by snap-gauge. Anode cramp placed on the baseboard of the landing support. It also includes adjusting bolts, inserts and cylinders, adjusting bolts match with the cylinder telescopic sleeve, the drive spile moves along the anode cramp shell.the spile’s type is H, the adjusting bolt’s diameter is as same as the spile rabbet.

The new equipment promise the anode grab can raising and don’t loose, increase the work efficiency, and avoid anode grab causing problems. The spile is made of steel plate, adjusting bolts and air cylinder is exiting widget, the way of product is easy and it is easy to be used in raising work.


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