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What Should We Do To Prevent The Accident From Happening?

2017-08-04 18:16:31

What should we do to prevent the accident from happening?

1.Prevention is better than disaster relief

Throughout the aluminum industry safety accidents, despite the small number of accidents, but the probability of occurrence, the impact of large, serious losses. As an aluminum electrolytic manufacturer, to find out the law of the accident, do preventive measures, some accidents are completely avoidable.

In order to ensure the rapid, orderly and effective emergency rescue operations, it is necessary to reduce the casualties, property damage and environmental damage caused by the accident as far as possible. On the basis of the accident consequences and the emergency capability analysis, Pre - established plans or programs. Electrolytic aluminum enterprises have a purpose for some of the production, safety has a greater impact on the hidden dangers, such as: leakage furnace accident, bus ignition accident, sudden blackout accident, rectifier cabinet explosion accident casting aluminum water explosion accident and related accidents Risks and other development of some emergency measures or programs, so that should be preparedness.

2.Establish an early warning mechanism for accidents

Electrolytic aluminum production workshop and power supply workshop set up an emergency signal, when there is an emergency situation, it‘s easy to take blackout measures in time to ensure the safety of the series; regularly carry out anti-accident exercises, such as leak furnace accident exercises, electrolysis workshop and power plant accident linkage Exercises, sudden blackout exercises, etc .; for each anti-accident exercises to sum up and evaluate the effect of timely improvement of contingency plans; production and reserve some emergency equipment, spare parts and emergency supplies.

3.It’s very meaningful to Improve the responsibility of the operator, to prevent accidents.

Strengthen the operational skills of business professional education training , to prevent illegal operation.There is a factory in the electrolytic cell secondary start process, the electrolytic furnace roasting end, before the demolition of soft connection process, due to poor operational skills of operators, the sense of responsibility is not strong, a demolition of soft connection too much, current bias, resulting in guide rod and Parallel busbar ignition, and cause short-circuit ignition, burn the column bus, almost lead to a series of shutdowns; improve the operational staff of the accident judgment and keen observation.

New or alteration of electrolytic aluminum enterprises, Generally more new workers and less experienced veterans, the new staff technical quality is poor, due to unfamiliar business or habitual behavior caused by violations of discipline often occur.At the same time, for the abnormal changes in equipment to determine the time is not accurate or inaccurate, the lack of keen observation, leading to accidents. Therefore, electrolytic aluminum production enterprises must strengthen the operating procedures and safety procedures for the study and training, to improve the operational staff to determine the accident analysis and processing capacity; abnormal behavior in a timely manner to deal with. Under normal circumstances, any accident before there is always a certain anomaly, but this phenomenon is obvious or timely was found only. A factory electrolytic tank on the eve of the furnace, the original aluminum iron, silicon impurities continue to rise or leakage of steel parts of the site there are signs of redness, due to not pay enough attention to take any precautions, resulting in leakage furnace accident occurred. Therefore, managers at all levels to strengthen the statements, chart data analysis and judgment, in-depth on-site, good at finding problems or abnormal phenomena, easy to take timely measures to strengthen the operator's business skills training.

In recent years, the aluminum industry capacity expansion too fast to attract a large number of personnel employment, most of the new recruiting staff education is low, low quality, and some into the factory too late to training into the production positions, directly engaged in a new job, do not know the operating standards, , It is difficult to quickly adapt to job post. Therefore, the recruiters must advance the safety knowledge and business skills training, as well as on-site internships to improve their practical skills.

In addition, it should also be noted that major production operations should be avoided at night. Electrolytic aluminum is a continuous production industry, many production operations are continuous, but some major production operations such as the start of the electrolytic tank to avoid the night as far as possible. According to the statistics in recent years, more than 80% of the accidents occurred at night, due to the night of the staff of the energy, physical, including sight, etc. are not as day, and night operation site supervision staff, illegal operation can not be corrected or stopped in time Cause the occurrence of the accident. Understand the easy accidents, for the major electrolytic aluminum production enterprises, we must do the usual preventive work to prevent accidents.

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