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How To Lift The Electrolytic Aluminum Equipment Anode Busbar?

2017-06-12 17:26:56

Lift the anode busbar:

1. Before lifting the busbar, clear the alumina dust on the busbar frame and check the anode lift control system.

2. The temporary bus lifting mechanism is placed on the holder of the electrolyzer, and the temporary anode clamp is compact. The aluminum guide rods which are not perpendicular to the lifting mechanism and the lifting mechanism are not in contact with the bracket of the lifting mechanism, and the aluminum guide rod is clamped on the hoist fixture in turn.

3. From the beginning of the anode bus in turn open the aluminum guide bar, then the tank voltage can not be higher than the opening of the fixture 0.2 volga higher, or to find the reasons in time to deal with individual temporary fixture elastic.

4. To start the motor using the bus along the aluminum guide rod sliding rise, in the process of the whole bus service, the bath voltage shall not be higher than 4.6 v, always observe and note the anode position of each contact point.

5. When the busbar line is finished, it will be placed in order to tighten up the fixture, which is the same as before the busbar.

lift the anode busbar

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