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What Is The Importance Of Anode Jacking Frame In Electrolytic Aluminum Production?

2018-07-20 14:39:53

What is the importance of anode jacking frame in electrolytic aluminum production?

Electrolytic aluminum is a huge production system. During the period, all kinds of jobs, jobs, equipment and materials will be able to complete the production of aluminum.

Then we will enumerate what equipment is needed for our production. The first is the energy supply system, that is, the power supply, the supply of fixed direct current, then the related equipment of the electrolytic cell, and the production of electrolytic aluminum.

Now the electrolyzer is pre baked, so anodic operation is needed. Anode components and anode equipment are needed here. The materials needed in the production process and the electrolytic process flow are mentioned above. Now let's talk about the components and applications of the anode parts.

The operation of anode replacement is one of the most common basic production processes in an electrolytic workshop, just like an electronic device changing batteries. In the process of electrolytic aluminum production, besides the consumption of electricity, the consumption of anode carbon blocks is left. Therefore, changing anode is normal, so related equipment is also commonly used.

Anode Jacking Frame In Electrolytic Aluminum Production

In general, we need to replace the anode, anode jacking frame, anode hoist and other large mechanical equipment, and need to replace consumables such as anode guide rod, anode carbon block, anode steel claw and so on.

At present, the anode jacking frame used in the whole industry is only the role of a connecting frame, and the key process of carrying busbar operation is that the small box card is loosened and tightened only in the following two ways except the lifting frame.

(1) manual operation of special wrench to complete the loosening and tightening of small box fixture. It usually needs 8 to 9 people to stand on the high temperature slot cover board. The labor cost is great, the labor intensity of the workers is large and the efficiency is low, and the tightness of the small box card is not consistent, the tightening torque can not reach the requirement, the contact pressure drop of the aluminum guide rod and the busbar is not consistent and large. The average time of manual loosening of a small box fixture is close to 10 seconds.

2 operators respectively operate a pneumatic motor driving wrench on the sliding frame of the anode busbar lifting frame to release and tighten the small box fixture one by one. Although the labor intensity of the operator is reduced, the pressure requirement of the gas source is higher (not less than 0.62MPa), the gas consumption is larger (2.69m3/min), the sliding mechanism is heavy, the operation is slow, and the wrench is difficult to enter the small box card accurately, and the production efficiency is low. According to the measurement, a skilled operator loosened 12 small box clamps on one side for nearly 100 seconds.

Anode Jacking Frame In Electrolytic Aluminum Production

Loosening and tightening the small anode clamp artificially, because of the cause of the operator or the fluctuation of gas pressure, it may cause the small box card to unfold or tighten the torque, which may lead to the phenomenon of polar or local anode slipping, resulting in the pulling of the anode jacking frame and the fluctuation of the electric pressure of the slot, causing the anode effect and thus causing the loss of the anode. Bad equipment, injury to the body.

The quality and technical problems of the commonly used equipment are closely related to the size of the operation of the anode changing operation. The fully automatic anode anode jacking frame of long - term technology has improved the design concept and production process requirements to achieve safety, convenience, efficient and efficient use.


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