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What's Full Automatic Anode Jacking Frame Production Process

2018-06-29 11:07:15

Full Automatic Anode Jacking Frame production process

Upper frame cylinder production

Lower frame cylinder production

Spanner lift cylinder production

Fixture on the shelf production

Jig production

Wrench production

Beam, support frame production

Control box production

Power station production

The important difference between the fully automatic anode jacking frame and other lifting frame is that the way of mechanization, automation, and clamping rod is different in the way of loosening and tightening the small box card, so there are many different places in the design and production process.

1. the fully automatic anode jacking frame uses 380V alternating current, and the electrolyzer uses DC, the series voltage is up to kilovolt high and the current is as high as hundreds of KAMs. The insulation of the fully automatic anode jacking frame is very important. In the old frame, the locking device is powered by the battery DC, so the fully automatic anode jacking frame has a reliable insulation in the following parts. The insulation resistance is not less than 2M Omega: the connection of the hydraulic motor to the main oil road uses the Parker high voltage insulated tubing, and the insulation resistance can reach 500M Omega. And the insulation between high voltage insulating oil pipes, control cabinets, hydraulic stations and frames, and magnetic shielding of solenoid valves.

2. Automate and mechanized the wrench equipment that loosens and tighten the small box fixture, which requires the power of the wrench to be a hydraulic wrench, which is a big difference between the semi-automatic anode jacking frame. At the same time, it must be installed under every fixture, and must be operated at the same time, which greatly improves the work efficiency, and also increases the difficulty for machinery.

3. The main partition of the full automatic anode busbar lifting frame is that, for the design, installation, and the accurate operation of the electrical equipment, it is necessary to check and verify the corrected line carefully; then it is the production and installation of the power station, including the power output of the hydraulic station and the air pressure station, and then the cylinder production on the fixture, including the upper cylinder. The production process of the bottom cylinder, the wrench cylinder and the wrench and the wrench head; finally, the production of the steel parts, including the bearing support, leg, fixture, upper and lower frame and other bearing parts. Safe work is always the first.

Full Automatic Anode Jacking Frame Production Process


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