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Detailed Parameters Of The Busbar Lifting Frame Of Electrolytic Cell

2018-03-13 17:34:06

The busbar lifting frame is mainly used to improve the anode busbar of electrolytic cell regularly. The busbar lifting frame is hoisted to the electrolytic cell by the crane regularly, and the remote control of the anode jacking frame is carried out to complete the clamping of the anode guide rod, the proximity of the anode busbar and the automatic loosening and tightening of the anode clamp.

busbar lifting frame

So how are the electrolytic aluminum plant to configure these electrolytic cells to promote the framework of the bus? What are the specific conditions of use, as well as the relevant use of the rules, next, we are detailed:

Meteorological conditions for the main parameters:

Natural meteorological Conditions:

Extreme maximum temperature: 39.2 ℃

Extreme minimum Temperature:-31.4 ℃

Annual average temperature: 2.1 ℃

Average atmospheric pressure: 86.37kPa

Factory elevation elevation: 1377 m

Annual average relative Humidity: 51

Basic earthquake intensity: 7 degrees

The anode busbar lifting frame is generally used at ambient temperature, normal workshop, regular operation, under normal circumstances can be used, aluminum electrolysis workshop strong magnetic field, which is affecting the work of a more obvious characteristics, generally in the indoor operation, not open-air environment, naturally ruled out a lot of nature uncertainty environmental impact.

The conditions of use of the main parameters:

Series Current strength: KA

n Series voltage: 1350 V DC (max)

n Groove type: NEUI600 (VI)

n Arrange By: Horizontal

n Slot spacing: 6800 mm

n Number of anode groups: 56 groups (single carbon block anode)

n Anode guide Rod Section (mm): (X) x150 (Y)

n Two rows of anode guide rod Center spacing (mm): 1930

n Anode guide Rod Center spacing (mm): 800

n Anode busbar Center spacing (mm): 1600

n Anode bus thickness (mm): 180

n Anode bus Stroke (mm): 400

n Height of the top of the beam of Electrolyzer (m): 7.500

n Maximum elevation of electrolytic cell (m): 7.950 (Frame range 8.450)

n The top of the anode busbar from the top of the beam (mm) Minimum: 1490 (lower beam); Max: 1890 (below beam)

n The top of the top of the Anode Guide bar (mm) Minimum: 650 (below the beam); Max: 1250 (below beam)

n Center spacing (mm): 1030±2

n Anode busbar hoist lifting point (a): 8

n The spacing of the busbar lifting frame fulcrum in the length direction of the Electrolyzer (mm): 4800,3200/3200,4800

n The spacing along the width of the electrolyzer in the fulcrum of the frame (mm): 970

n The top of frame fulcrum on the groove is distance from the top of the girder (mm) 110

n Frame pivot width (mm) 150

n Single group of anode group weight (t) ~1.95

n Anode busbar lifting mechanism: spiral hoist

n Inlet pressure of Air Source: ≥0.6mpa

n Clamping force of the anode clamp on Busbar 160kN

n The insulating value ≥2mω of the anode clamp and the Busbar hoist

n Tighten small box clamping torque: Lock tight 230~300nm, loosen 300~350nm

Ambient air: Contains alumina dust, carbon particle dust, hydrogen fluoride gas, bitumen smoke, etc.

Working ambient Temperature-20~55℃

Shell Surface temperature 600~750℃

Temperature at 1m of shell surface is ~150℃

Electrolyte temperature 960~1000℃

Operating surface maximum magnetic field ~910 Gs

This is the 600KA anode busbar lifting frame using parameters, the size of the groove determines whether the carbon block is single anode or Shuangyang, and the size of the carbon block directly to bear the size of different steel claws, its cross-sectional area. The size of the cross-sectional area determines the size of the explosive solder block 150*150mm, and also determines the size of the anode guide rod.

anode busbar lifting frame

1 Tesla's regulation, perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field of 1 meters long wire, through 1 ampere of the current by the magnetic field of the force of 1 Newton, the power wire at the location of the magnetic intensity is 1 tesla.

The maximum magnetic field of the operating surface is less than 910GS. In addition, what do we need to pay attention to when designing a framework?

Not only the above data parameters should be paid attention to, the main structure of busbar hoist frame: by frame, 56 sets of single anode pole fixture, control box, hanger, ground support frame, lift cylinder, 56 group hydraulic wrench, holding cylinder (expired), clamping cylinder (expired), hydraulic station, booster pump, leg, pressure reducing valve, manometer, etc. but not limited to the above equipment , to ensure the integrity of the equipment, all anode clamp spring installation height and stroke are the same, to ensure that the action of the anode clamp fully synchronized.

In the electrolytic workshop is a strong magnetic field, many dust and high temperature environment, the anode busbar lifting frame must meet the production conditions, do a good job insulation, equipment assembly must be tested after insulation, fixture and support leg and busbar hoist insulation value is not less than 2mω.

In the load test is required to tighten torque for the N·m, wrench lifting reciprocating movement normal. The whole operation of anode bus hoist must be stable, reliable and no point of discouragement, and fully meet the requirements of electrolytic production process.

As one of the important types of machinery for promoting Busbar in Electrolytic Aluminum workshop, the busbar lifting frame in the parking and placement is also required to pay attention to the operation and details, in addition to a fixed support frame, still need to maintain in a fixed time, so that the next use of safe and reliable, especially for vulnerable parts of the detection and repair, so as not to cause unnecessary damage.


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