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Industry Status of Anode Busbar Raising Frame

2017-05-17 17:11:02

Electrolytic Aluminum  Anode Busbar Raising FrameIndustry Status of Anode Busbar Raising Frame

Industry Status of Anode Busbar Raising Frame

Anode busbar raising frame (belowing short as raising frame) is the key equipment for the production of electrolytic aluminum. The basic operation process is: lift the raising frame on the electrolytic cell by electrolytic multi-purpose crane and aim at the anode rod, operate anode clamp on the raising frame to hold the corresponding anode rod and apply force to hold close to the anode busbar, operators use wrench (or operate pneumatic motor on the raising frame) release anode clamp, and when raise the anode busbar to the highest position, then tighten anode clamp, loosen anode grab on the raising frame, at last raising frame will be lifted by multi-purpose crane to next electrolytic cell for the same operation.

At present, a considerable number of the anode busbar using ventilation holding mechanism to hold the aluminum rod onto the busbar when raising anode busbar, it requires that pressure of compressed air is not less than 0.6MPa, so it has to pause other use of compressed air in workshop, to ensure that the normal operation of the raising busbar. During the operation, if the compressor air pressure drops, the top membrane cylinder is disconnected, the anode guide rod will be separated from the balanced busbar, and the circuit will be disconnected due to the sudden failure of the air compressor, the shutdown, the air supply pipe loss, the breakage, etc. Guide rod and balance busbar to ignite, maybe a serious short-circuit explosion, leading to a series of power outages, resulting in casualties, equipment damage and other major accidents. This kind of lifting frame has the design defect, needs to be reformed or renewed.

In addition, the current using anode busbar raising frame only played a role as transfer frame, and key process of raising busbar – the release and tighten of anode clamp only by the two ways to complete:

Manual operation by the wrench of release and tightening anode clamp usually 8 to 9 people standing on the high temperature of slot plate to complete. It takes high labor cost, strong labor intensity, low efficiency, and inconsistency tightness, tightening torque not meet the requirements, the contact pressure of aluminum rod and busbar is inconsistent and too large. The average time to manually release anode clamp is about 10 seconds

Four workers operate pneumatic motor on the both sides of sliding frame on anode busbar frame using wrench to release and tighten the anode clamp one by one. Although the operator reduced the labor intensity, the higher pressure requirement is high(not less than 0.62MPa), the air consumption is large (2.69m3/m), the sliding mechanism is cumbersome, slow to run, the wrench is difficult to accurately insert the anode clamp, the production efficiency is low. According to the measurement, it takes about 100s for a skilled worker loosen the 12 anode clamps on one side.

In the process of raising busbar, with the above two ways to release and tighten the anode clamp, due to the reasons of the operator or air pressure fluctuations, may lead to anode clamp is not in right place when release or tightening, and cause the phenomenon of extreme pole or local anode slippage, resulting in raising frame strain and groove voltage fluctuation, triggering anodic effect, which damage the equipment, hurt the worker. Especially rainy weather, due to the decline in compressed air quality, this phenomenon is more serious.

Anode clamp tight force is not enough, the busbar voltage can be as high as 15mV or more, resulting in black voltage rise, increase power consumption. And tight inconsistency of each anode clamp will lead to uneven distribution of anode current, affect current efficiency in electrolytic cell.

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