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Several Common Work Accidents In Electrolytic Aluminum Production

2017-08-02 18:14:20

Several common work accidents in electrolytic aluminum production

With the economic development, electrolytic aluminum enterprises have also accelerated production, but for the enterprises, the production of the various causes of the accident is also necessary to understand. Electrolytic aluminum production process common in several accidents.

1.Leak furnace accident

Electrolysis furnace leakage furnace accident is one of the highest frequency of aluminum smelting industry, the accident occurred mainly in the roasting end and production start process, and the production of a period of time or more than 1,000 days longer than the electrolytic cell, In the side of the steel plate and the cathode steel rod mouth, before the furnace or before the furnace leakage, if the prevention of proper treatment, can prevent further leakage of electrolyte or aluminum, the series of electrolytic cell production less impact, if improper handling or sparse In the management, processing is not timely, it will be in the aluminum liquid or electrolyte melting tank shell leakage, the thrust of the cathode bus caused a series of shutdown and other vicious accidents.

2.Busbar ignition accident

The anode busbar ignition accident is mainly happened in the process of finishing the firing start, the process of starting the production, and the secondary start or due to the temporary voltage load, the anode into the aluminum liquid, in the insulation state of the electrolytic tank. In the process of firing and resuming production, because of improper operation of the operating procedures or uneven distribution of the electrolytic cell current, resulting in local current is too concentrated, damage or break the anode guide or cathode bus. This accident is generally a large loss, and likely to cause a series of shutdown.As the current ignition accident generally occurs in an instant, simply can not take rescue measures, only after the accident can it repaired. During the repair of busbar, because of the large distance of modern large-scale electrolytic cell design, the space is narrow, the ambient temperature is high, and the bus connection is mostly welded. When removing the old busbar and welding the new busbar, it is difficult to take efficient measures. The construction is difficult and the repair time is long.

3.Rectifier cabinet explosion accident

Rectifier unit explosion is mainly as a rectifier cabinet components explosion, resulting in the entire rectifier unit outage, the series current drop, the electrolyte limit load operation. If there is a spare rectifier unit, if the standby unit put into operation in time to ensure that the production run, will not cause catastrophic losses; no spare rectifier unit, due to capacity is not enough, the cell must be low current state operation. Rectifier power supply equipment as the lifeline of electrolytic production, the impact of the accident on the enterprise huge.

4.Cast aluminum water explosion

Nowadays,the large-scale electrolytic aluminum enterprises supporting the design and installation of aluminum casting furnace capacity, the new furnace capacity is generally about 40t. In the casting process, due to mold cracks, cracks or humidity, and the mixed furnace out of aluminum mouth leakage aluminum, is going to result in a large number of aluminum into the cooling water tank or circulating waterway, and instantly form a large number of water vapor can not be discharged, an explosion.

5.other accidents

The Large pre-baked slot for the pole, out of aluminum, slag and other operations are completed by the multi-functional crane, the operation of the process accident, such as the emergence of aluminum car crash accident, which will cause physical burns outside the body burn accident. In addition, with the electrolytic production supporting system equipment and facilities, but also appeared in the process of transport vehicle accidents, assembly of the middle of the sudden burst of water, electricity failure and other accidents.

After said that, let's talk about the characteristics of these accidents.

1.Accident serious loss.

Due to the high value of aluminum units, spare parts special, large quantities of inventory (such as aluminum bus, trough in the production of aluminum, etc.) accounted for large capital, so the aluminum production enterprises accident, single slot stop loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars Million, the series will be cut on the loss of tens of millions of dollars, or even billion. Large pre-bake slot single slot high cost, both cost maintenance costs, but also affect production.

2.The accident suddenly strong, signs are not obvious.

There is a company power supply rectifier unit of the same rectifier cabinet have two consecutive explosions in a month , but fortunately standby units put into operation in time, did not cause a large impact on the electrolytic series power supply.Later, according to the operation records and duty staff said, before the accident equipment operation is in a not obvious signs of abnormalities, a variety of online testing instruments, instruments are displayed in the normal range. The organization of technical personnel analysis, did not find a specific cause of the accident, and later even invited some of the rectifier power supply experts again for the reason of the accident analysis, still did not find a specific source of the accident, and they only proposed the rectification suggestion from the component quality, design and other aspects.

3.difficult rescue process in Accident.

When Electrolytic cell is leakage furnace, the electrolyte temperature, aluminum liquid temperature up to 950 ℃ ~ 970 ℃, leakage furnace in the event, the operator is difficult to close to the implementation of rescue, only as soon as possible to take measures to protect the cathode bus is not high temperature electrolyte and aluminum liquid To ensure the normal operation of other electrolyzers in the series. During the occurrence of the leakage furnace, due to the groove inside and the leak is not sure, plugging measures is difficult to implement, if the site treatment experience is not experienced, measures are not effective, therefore,the molten aluminum outflow.

4 . long cycle on equipment Damaging or facility repairing.

In the normal circumstances, a 200kA class large Repairment of large prebake electrolyte lining needs 15 to 25 days, local minor need about 10 days. Busbar ignition accident damage bus repair takes more than a month. Rectifier cabinet explosion accident repair bridge arm, cabinet capacitors, circulating water pipes, insulation boards, control cables, including replacement components, etc., it will takes 10 days or longer. It is bound to affect the safety of production because the the long time repairing .

5.The accident has a great Influence on production

Anode busbar ignition can cause a series of shutdown, electrolytic cell leakage furnace thrust cathode busbar may also cause a series of shutdown accidents.Series of shutdown accidents, long time busbar repairment , it’s difficult to continue the production in a short period of time, which is have a fatal influence for the regular production , to resume the need to spend huge labor and material resources.At present, a large part of the electrolytic aluminum smelting enterprises have their own power plant, its character is self-use, excess power is generally not allowed to access the Internet, so this self-generating units, because the power is not out and forced to load or run out The Electrolysis series to resume production, as well as the power plant unit to resume operation requires tens of millions of Yuan to start the funds. In particular, the electrolytic cell suddenly stopped production, the tank of aluminum can not be fixed timely , clearing tank solidification of aluminum liquid longer, the production organization is a great test.

6.The occurrence of the accident has a certain regularity

According to the results of the analysis, the accident occurred at 08: 00-18: 00 incident rate of 16.7%, in the 22: 00-6: 30 accident rate of incidence of the accident occurred in the accident occurred in the accident rate of 18.7% To 83.3%. Through the accident analysis can be seen, rectifier cabinet explosion 4, 3 occurred at 23:00 in the night or so; electrolytic furnace leakage furnace accident 2, occurred at 1:00 am and 5:40 am; electrolyzer start Before the demolition of soft connections caused by bus ignition accident 1, occurred in the morning about 1:00. Owned power plant unit burned tile and fire accident occurred in 0:30 or so. It can be seen that the night is the high incidence of the accident, apparently with the people's mental state, work responsibility, equipment inspection and inspection is not meticulous, and the operation of the aluminum smelting equipment at night and so have a great relationship.

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