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What Are The Problems With The Aluminum Smelter Equipment Anode Busbar?

2017-06-16 18:30:28

What are the problems with the busbar?

Lift busbar often problems:

(1) with anode: Reason: As the aluminum guide bar bending or drawing rod is too tight, the guide rod on the busbar force is too large. Therefore, sometimes the anode or lifting mechanism can be brought up, the tank voltage increases, the temporary hoist gradually away from the bracket. The shell near the anode was crumbled. Discharge method: stop lifting the busbar, the anode with the end of the tension screw slightly loose, the anode and the elevator can automatically fall back to the original position.

(2) anode sinking:

Reason: busbarbar elevator temporary fixture is not tight, when the pressure on the aluminum guide rod on the fixed clip release, the anode due to heavy weight and fall off, the tank voltage will drop.

Exclusion method: stop lifting the busbar, with a crane will sink the anode to restore the original position, continue to lift the busbar after the lift and then individually adjust the sinking of the anode.

(3) aluminum guide rod and aluminum busbar connection spark.

Cause: The gap between the aluminum guide rod and the busbarbar is large, and the resistance between the aluminum guide rod and the busbarbar is increased to produce an electric spark.

Exclusion method: as long as a little tighten tighten the screw will be cleared. If a few aluminum guide rod at the same time slide the busbar, so that the current concentrated on the other guide rod, will occur spark, then should stop the busbar, should be immediately removed.

(4) to avoid the effect: If an effect occurs, should immediately stop lifting the busbar, concentrate on the rapid tightening of the anode fixture, quickly extinguish the anode effect, to be extinguished after the effect continues to lift the busbar.

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