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The Anode Grab Of Busbar Jacking

2017-05-10 16:18:41

Anode Grab Of Busbar JackingAnode Grab Of Anode Busbar Jacking

The Anode Grab Of Busbar Jacking

Anode grab has two functions:

1, clamping of anode rods.

2. To make the anode rod close to the anode busbar jacking.

Each pot shell has several sets of busbar jacking anode grabs, mounted on both sides of the anode, the number of grab is identical to the anode number of the pot shell, the position of the to the position of the anode one by one. Each connection of busbar jacking grab and the beam uses insulating meature, prevent the electricity which is in pot shell conduct on girder through the anode grab.

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