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The Beam Of Busbar Jacking Frame

2017-05-10 16:10:37

Beam Of Busbar Jacking FrameBeam Of Busbar Jacking Frame

The Beam Of Busbar Jacking Frame

The beam of the busbar jacking frame is the load-bearing beam in the process of anode busbar raising, the deflection deformation of the beam is required to be small when supporting the anode weight, to decrease the position of anode.

The beam structure uses the two sides adopting solid webs, weld as one through the steel trough, angle steel and other solid abdominal plates. The beam of this scheme is designed into a box-shaped structure, and the upper and lower surfaces are welded with steel plates, and set up the connector plate inside, the features of overall steel are good, low production cost, etc. With 4 support points, each support point set has two landing legs, the middle four are fixed length landing legs, the four both ends landing legs can retract lengths.

The upper part of the beam is arranged with two lifting racks, which facilitates the electrolytic.

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