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The Installation And Using Of Cylinder In The Automatic Rack Riser

2017-05-12 17:34:31

Installation And Using Of Cylinder For Automatic Rack RiserCylinder For Automatic Rack Riser

The Installation And Using Of Cylinder For Automatic Rack Riser

1. The cylinder for automatic rack riser should be checked before installing, whether the both ends of the rod nuts or connections are loose, remove the anti-rust oil and protective cap.

2. The cylinder piston rod can't bear eccentric or lateral load, the load should consistent with the piston rod axis, use a movable V-joint or knuckle joint in the long stroke connection, ensure the cylinder mounting base has sufficient rigidity.

3. When cylinder for automatic rack riser is in the horizontal using, detect it with the three-point method, connect the piston rod with the load, when the piston rod are out off it, put a level gauge in the middle of the rod to observe the level, when the piston rod is in the middle position, put a level gauge near the front end of the cylinder. When the piston rod is in the retracted position, there should be no change. When installing the long stroke cylinder, cylinder barrel need to set the appropriate support.

4. Use the front and rear flange, tripod mounted cylinder for automatic rack riser, should be avoided to bear the bolt thrust or tension load.

5. When using a single-double-edged cylinder or intermediate swing cylinder for automatic rack riser, the top of the piston rod and mounting shaft should be in the same direction. The tail of a single ear or swivel axis should leave a suitable clearance between the mounting shaft.

6. After the installation of the cylinder, it should be used in the unloaded state and run 2-5 times, check whether the cylinder is normal.

7. The cylinder for automatic rack riser speed control. When the cylinder speed is required, the pneumatic system must be fitted with a throttle valve. In general, the horizontally installed cylinder's speed is smooth.

8. Use adjustable buffer cylinder, open the buffer valve before the operation, and then increase the resistance, when adjusting the buffer valve, knob clockwise the resistance increases, knob counterclockwise the resistance decreases.

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