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The Cylinder Repairment In The Anodized Aluminum Window Frames

2017-05-12 17:43:28

Anodized Aluminum Window Frames Cylinder RepairmentAnodized Aluminum Window Frames Cylinder

The Cylinder Repairment In The Anodized Aluminum Window Frames

Outside leakage

1. Leakage between piston rod and the front cover

Reason: the piston rod installed eccentric; lack of lubricating oil; between piston rod and seal has impurities; seal aging damage; piston rod with scars

Method: re-install the adjustment; check whether the oil mist is malfunctioning; clean, remove impurities; repair the seal; repair the piston rod

2. Leakage between cylinder and end cap

Cause: The connection thread is loose; the seal is damaged

Method: Re-tighten; replace the seal

3. Buffer throttle leakage

Cause: Seal aging damage

Method: Replace the seal

4. Inside leakage

Pistons’ air run at both ends

Reason: poor cylinder lubrication; sealing surface debris; seal aging damage

Method: Check whether the oil mist is malfunctioning; clean and remove impurities; replace the seal

5. Cylinder output is insufficient

Reason: serious internal and external leakage; load mechanism is not flexible; low working pressure; load capacity of large bore

Method: troubleshoot by internal and external leakage; re-adjust the installation; increase the working pressure; improper selection is not suitable

6. Piston rod damage

(1) surface pull marks

Cause: The piston rod is eccentric; there is a debris between the rod and the seal

Method: polish and repair by sandpaper; replace the piston rod

(2) bending fracture

Reason: eccentric load or lateral load; bear the impact load

Method: Eliminate the eccentric load and lateral load; set the buffer device

Buffer effect is not good

Cause: The cushion seal is not good; the needle stem is damaged; the cylinder is too fast

Method: replace the buffer ring; replace the needle stem; reduce the speed.

7. Cylinder strain

Reason: poor cylinder lubrication; cylinder with debris

Method: polish by sandpaper or replace the cylinder.

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