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The Safety Technical Operation Of Anode Lifting Frame

2017-05-15 17:26:09

Anode Lifting Frame Safety Technical OperationAnode Lifting Frame Safety Technical Operation

The Safety Technical Operation Of Anode Lifting Frame

1. Before working, blowing the fouling on the bus, re-draw the old line and prepare effect bar.

(1). Operators should be dressed up , prohibit working after drinking.

(2). Before using it, check the insulation equipment, check the anode lifting frame, and test the anode grabs, confirm they are normal.

(3). Must have daily maintenance, check whether the screws are loose, prohibit equipment working with sick.

2. Before working, realize the situation of busbar shell, confirm the shell is not waiting for the effect, then it can operate.

3.Before working, check the devices of shell control box and the top of shell, ensure the busbar jacking system is normal.

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