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The Raising And Installing Of Anode Jacking Frame Machine

2017-05-15 17:32:29

Anode Jacking Frame Machine RaisingAnode Jacking Frame Installing

The raising and installing of anode jacking frame machine

(1) Multi-function unit travels to the top of the frame, and check the hooks, wire ropes, stoppers, emergency stop buttons .

(2) connect the compressed air hose of anode jacking frame machine, and hang the spreader.

(3) operator returns to the safe position, and directs the multi-function unit lift the anode jacking frame machine to the upper limit. (50cm higher than the pot shell )

(4) The multi-function unit is driven to the top of busbar riser.

(5) put shell control box to the busbar control state.

(6) Check the wind pressure [If the wind pressure is less than 0.5Mpa, prohibit raising busbar] connect the compressed air, open the hoist fixture.

(7) Slow down the anode jacking frame machine, slow down the jacking system along the guide rail, confirm the 32 groups anode rod come into anode clamps, and then down the anode jacking frame machine.【When slow down the anode jacking frame , if there is a blockage in the frame,

1), check whether the wind pressure is normal, stop the operation if it is less than 0.5Mpa

2), if it is because of the rod , then adjust the anode jacking frame cramp, after raising the frame, restore the cramp to the initial state.

(8)confirm the placement of the anode jacking frame machine is correct, close the compressed air, close the 32 groups anode guide rods on the anode busbar.

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