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The Production Efficiency Of The Anode Jacking Frame Is Obviously Improved

2017-12-15 17:23:54

Anode jacking frame is the production of electrolytic aluminum busbar lifting essential equipment, the transformation of the former parent frame in the process of operation is controlled by pneumatic and manual combination operation mode, has a low degree of automation, operation personnel, labor intensity, work hard to ensure the quality of such shortcomings. The reconstructed frame has realized the whole mechanization and automation of the busbar operation, and greatly improved the quality of the work of the busbar. The required workers are only half of the original, and the labor intensity has been greatly reduced.

In addition, the anode clamp hydraulic fastening device makes the anode rod more closely with horizontal bus joint, greatly reduces the power consumption of electrolytic cell. At the same time, the safety valve and other accessories are added after the transformation of the anode jacking frame, so that it has a higher production safety performance.

Anode Jacking Frame Improved Production Efficiency, Anode Clamp, Anode Rod

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