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How Many Kinds Of Cylinders Are Divided Into The Anode Jacking Frame?

2018-05-03 10:17:25

How many kinds of cylinders are divided into the anode jacking frame?

Electrolytic Aluminum plant in the production of aluminum in the electrolytic cell because of the consumption of anode components resulting in the decline of aluminum busbar, at the moment, the need for a mechanical device to promote the anode busbar.

The anode jacking frame is one of the important mechanical equipments.

Introduction of anode busbar lifting frame

The busbar lifting frame required by the electrolytic cell is also called the bus-connecting frame or the frame machine, which is one of the important mechanical equipment of the prebaked electrolytic cell. Previously mentioned include the basic operation of the frame machine.

How to anode clamp the guide rod, close to the busbar, how to tighten the small box fixture and other related issues, these are its main operating functions.

anode jacking frame top cylinders

To put it simply, the main structure of anode busbar hoist: Gas control system, hydraulic system, fixture and parts, main frame, wrench tightening system, etc.

Type and distribution of cylinders

In all dynamical systems, the main force of the anode busbar lifting frame is the cylinder, the cylinder function of different position is different and the name is different.

According to these differences, we divide the cylinders into top cylinders, clamp cylinders, and wrench cylinders. These cylinders are an important dynamic component of the whole anode busbar lifting frame, which plays a vital role.

anode jacking frame clamp cylinders

For example, the top of the cylinder, through the cylinder and its attached high-pressure springs, which are acting on the entire fixture, in the state of the dead is tightly hold the busbar.

Clamp cylinder, as the name implies is designed for the clamp of the cylinder, its cylinder force is left and right to apply the force, so that its aluminum guide rod tightly close to the fixture, clamping firmly, and maintain the state, but also in the state of the breath under the clamping.

The main function of the wrench cylinder is the function of the wrench, at the same time also known as lifting cylinders, in the automatic and semi-automatic busbar hoist frame on the wrench to automatically align the small box fixture of the screw, tighten and loosen the operation, loosen the grip guide rod, and then close to the busbar, and then the overall lifting of the aluminum busbar operation.

anode jacking frame lifting cylinder

All of the above cylinders are air compressors to provide power, so in the main frame of the busbar elevator frame will build a large air compressor memory, as a power organization standby. In order to reduce labor and labor, US technology to do a variety of research and testing, research and development of the fully automatic busbar upgrade framework, not only can greatly reduce the aluminum plant power consumption, but also can reduce labor costs. Zhengzhou Joda technology only to do more excellence products, high quality, high efficiency is our consistent pursuit of direction and value.


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