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Anode Busbar Raising Frame Operation Process

2017-04-26 17:46:34

anode busbar raising frame processanode busbar raising frame operation

Anode Busbar Raising Frame Operation Process

1.The busbar raising should observe the workshop general principle.

2.when lifting the busbar raising frame to pot shell, it need to hoist the busbar, prenent the busbar raising frame collided with the upper structure.

3.When conduct the busbar raising frame, it should be fallen steadily, Observe whether the guide rod and fixture condition is normal, if there is abnormal, should notify the conductor to stop ascension immediately ,and prevent occuring accidents.

4.When lifting the busbar, should observed the channel voltage, if the shell pressure is abnormal , deal with it promptly, prevent occuring accidents.

5.If there is an anode rise or fall in the course of busbar raising, the busbar work should be stopped , continue it after finding out the reason.

6.If the anode effect occurs in the busbar raising process, should stop lifting busbar immediately, concentrate on treating the effect, continue working after the effect is extinguish.

7.Notice the switch order of valves when busbar is raising, prevent the cylinder do not be separated from the 2x12.5T electric hoist or the frame.

8.The high-pressure air duct for busbar raising should be replaced periodically, and prepare the effect rod before operation.

9.After complete the job, lift the frame to the designed place


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