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The Work Of Anode Jacking Frame For Aluminum Smelting Equipment

2017-05-15 17:39:32

 Anode Jacking FrameAluminum Smelting Equipment Work

The work of anode jacking frame for aluminum smelting equipment

(1)after the 32 groups anode rods are tighten, use wrench loosen the anode cramp [loose the cramps from both sides of the diagonal direction ].

(2) after the 32 groups anode cramps loosen, operate the switch and raise anode busbar, observe whether the jacking system is normal. If the problem is serious, the operation must be stopped. The electric current can be reduced if it is necessary.

(3) when raising the busbar, if occurs the anode effect, stop the operation, insert the effect bar, tighten the cramp, and work after the effect goes out.

(4) stop raising the busbar when the distance is 50mm.

(5) pay attention to the contact surface between busbar and guide rod , stop raising the buabar if the spark is serious. The shell voltage can not be higher than 50mv

(6) after raising it, tighten the 32 groups anode cramp, it should be strong, fast and accurate when tightening .

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