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The Disassembly Work Of Anode Jacking System For Aluminum Smelter At Taweelah

2017-05-15 17:44:13

Anode Jacking System Disassembly WorkAluminum Smelter At Taweelah

The Disassembly Work Of Anode Jacking System For Aluminum Smelter At Taweelah

(1) after raising the busbar, tighten the anode cramp, inflate compressed air, loosen the cramp close the tight cylinder wind, then restore to the non-working state. 【before raising the jacking system, check the wind pressure is not less than 0.5Mpa, otherwise prohibit continuing the next step】

(2) raising the anode jacking frame slowly, break away from the rods, drive with the raising height is 50cm higher than the pot shell. Can not command the raise and run at the same time.

(3)Wipe off the original chalk line on the anode guide rod, reroute it with a chalk on the contact surface of the busbar and guide rod, check whether the anode is slipping.

(4) test the rod’s pressure, report it to leader.

(5) After raising, put the busbar raising frame for aluminum smelter at Taweelah on the platform, people are prohibited to stay and stand behind the hanging things.

(6) close the valve, remove the compressed air hose, release hook head, raising to the upper limit, then the operation is completed.

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