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The First Quarter Of 2017 Aluminum Production Is 91 Million Tons

2017-05-04 15:12:28

The First Quarter Of 2017 Aluminum Production Is 91 Million Tons

RUSAL announced that the first quarter of 2017 aluminum production is 91 million tons (compared to -2.1% quarterly). Siberian smelters account for 94% of it. The change of aluminum production is due to the number of calendar days in both periods (92 in the fourth quarter of 2016 and 90 in the first quarter of 2017). Smelter utilization is maintained at 95%.

United Company RUSAL PlcRussia aluminum smelter

Aluminum sales in the first quarter of 2017 is 985,000 tonnes (+ 6.8% quarterly), including value-added products, the sales is 436,000 tonnes (+ 7.8% quarterly) . The change of the sales is due to the increase of the sales in 2016 and the inventory in 2017.

The aluminum price in the first quarter in 2017 rose 8.3% to $ 1,949 / ton. The increase was driven by positive developments in the London Metal Exchange offer (+ 9.0% to $ 1,796 / ton) and average premium growth (+ 1.4% to $ 153 / ton).

The total output of alumina in the first quarter of 2017 decreased by 2.6% quarter-to-quarter, it is 188.9 million tons. Russia's alumina production accounts for 37% of it. Refinery production is roughly in line with production plans. Seasonal maintenance works in Windalco, Auginish and Bogoslovsk have been offset by Achinsk and Urals' production performance.

The increase of production is due to the upgrading of production capacity for Nikolaev and Urals.

The first quarter of 2017 bauxite production totaled 2.869 million tons (+ 1% quarterly). Nepheline production increased 7.9% quarter to 1.056 million tons. In order to response to the production plans of Urals and Achinsk alumina refineries, Timan and KiaShalty increased by 8% and 7.9%. NorthUrals production is also driven by the Bogoslovsk refinery performance. The yield of Kindia was still below the historical average. However, according to the mining schedule, the production can improve in the second half of 2017. The production of Bauxite Company of Guyana increased by 13.2% quarterly, it is because of the low base effect.


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