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Electrolysis Work Flow Of Electrolytic Aluminum Plant

2017-12-01 17:28:43

In the workshop of the electrolysis workshop, one kilometer long workshop on the ground is a neat electrolytic cell. Electrolysis workers hundreds of 24 hour shuttle in the electrolytic cell, and high temperature hot liquid aluminum with carbon residue, precipitation, grilled fish for anode, and smooth surface of furnace fire fight. Electrolysis workers with their hard work and sweat will Everfount aluminum produced, provides high quality aluminum liquid for deep processing of aluminum products, for the company to achieve the greatest degree of profit efficiency with unremitting efforts.

The following is the work flow of the electrolytic workers:

1. Electrolysis workers work every day first thing, is one by one check operation condition of the electrolytic bath, and then targeted for maintenance, the term is "see trough".

2. After the electrolytic cell is inspecting, it begins to maintain. Flat furnace surface, one can not only guarantee the electrolysis temperature, anode conductive evenly, can also prevent oxidation and burning.

3. To carry out the bus bar workers, they come to the workshop at 4 o'clock every morning, and maintain the bus frame while waiting for the multi-functional crane to idle. After that, the adjustment of the upper bus route of the electrolytic cell is made, and 5 people are responsible for 140 electrolytic cells. The working conditions are much better than before with the continuous improvement of the degree of automation of the equipment.

4. Measuring two levels, the level of electrolyte and the level of the original aluminum, can effectively master the production level of each electrolytic cell.

5. Out of aluminum, using the principle of negative pressure, the high temperature aluminum liquid is pumped into the vacuum lifting package and then transported to the downstream unit for processing.

6. The normal operation of the upper equipment of the electrolyzer is the guarantee for the stable and efficient production of electrolysis. The volt, electrolysis plant should pay more attention to the daily inspection and maintenance of the upper trough.

7. Summer is the high incidence of equipment failure, the upper shell cylinder of the electrolytic cell needs to be maintained regularly to avoid the phenomenon of air leakage.

8. The electrolyzer also has a life span. At present, the operation life of the large aluminum electrolytic cell in China is about 1500 days, and the foreign advanced countries can reach about 2500 days and stop the grooves to overhaul. The electrolyzer strengthened the short intersection of the electrolyzer after the outage to reduce the pressure drop and reduce the power consumption.

9. At about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, it is the busiest time of the day for the electrolytic workers. The change of the pole, the precipitate and so on are all high temperature and heavy manual work. The electrolytic trade unions do all kinds of labor protection, and then work again.

10. After the residue is put forward, before the new anode is replaced, the large pieces of material that sink at the bottom of the furnace should be salvaged to ensure that the furnace is regular and the quality of the original aluminum is stable.

Electrolytic Aluminum Plant

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