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RUSAL: Not Yet The Best Time To Put New Capacity

2017-04-27 16:02:19

RUSAL: Not Yet The Best Time To Put New Capacity

The Russian ruble deviated sharply in 2016, The depreciation of the currency will significantly reduce the cost of production for multinational companies in the Rusal, At the same time, international aluminum prices continued to climb in 2016, Rusal’s profit is picking up significantly, United Company RUSAL Plc whether there will be a return to production?

RUSAL: Not Yet The Best Time To Put New CapacityUnited Company RUSAL Plc

United Company RUSAL Plc vice president Oleg Mukhamedshin recently accepted the first financial interview. Oleg Mukhamedshin graduated from the Moscow State University School of Economics. In 2012, he was appointed Rusal's Strategy, Executive vice president of business development and financial marketing, Rusal Director. He has led the company to reorganize more than $ 16.6 billion in debt and assist Rusal to raise $ 2.2 billion in SEHK, Euronext N.V. . Under his leadership, Rusal became the first company to issue Russian ADRs.


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