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Spirit Of Joda Shining In This Hot Summer -“Coolness Offer” Activity

2017-04-27 15:43:31

Spirit Of Joda Shining In This Hot Summer -“Coolness Offer” Activity

In the hot summer, elevated temperature brings great influence to our working life. During the Great Heat, production staff of our company stick to their posts as usual in order to finish the products ordered by Shandong Xinfa Group Xinyuan Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.. Working hard in the heat, they do not fear the summer and contribute their share to Joda’s development.

Spirit Of Joda Shining In This Hot Summer -“Coolness Offer” ActivityJoda workshop

Therefore, Joda expresses sincere gratitude and deep solicitude to all staff working in the great heat. And company carried out diversified activities named “coolness offer” which provides iced drinks, watermelons for workers. Taking necessary measures, our company provided an effective support to all staff. This activity aimed to bring care and coolness to every working hard with no hesitation worker who has the spirit of Joda will shining in this hot summer.

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