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"Love Transmission", Into The Zhengzhou Children's Welfare Institute, Public Love Activities

2017-11-27 18:04:06

Kindness condenses virtue, love delivers power. In November 26th, Zhengzhou Joda Technology Co. Ltd. manager Jane and the wolf Legion other personnel came to Zhengzhou city children's Welfare Institute to send love, for the children to send rice, pumping paper, books and diapers, transfer love with action.

On the morning of 26, the staff of the Welfare Institute warmly received the staff of Jane, and introduced the welfare situation, most of them are orphans and disabled children, abandoned children and orphans.

This activity sends love to the children of the welfare house, and hopes that more people will pay attention to these social vulnerable groups. More people will join in the public welfare undertaking and contribute to building a harmonious society.

As long as everyone and every enterprise contribute a share of strength, give up a love, hold up a hope, help in small help is also a support, and the trickle of warm water will eventually enter the ocean of love. Zhengzhou Jiuda Technology Co., hope that through this activity can arouse more people pay more attention to the social need to help the child.

Love Transmission


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