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Vice President Wang Hongbin of Xi'an Aviation Vocational and Technical College went to Joda Tech to investigate

2019-01-23 13:36:34

On the morning of January 21, 2019, Vice President Wang Hongbin of Xi'an Aviation Vocational and Technical College, Director of Party Branch of Scientific Research Department, Director Zhang Shixiao of the former Director of Aviation Manufacturing Center, Teacher Zhou Peng of Research Department, and Mr. Zhizhi Zhi and his team came to Joda Tech for an inspection. The investigation was warmly received by the company's general manager Wang.

In the Joda Tech conference room, President Wang and his team reviewed our product brochures and main products and technical parameters, and discussed the cooperation direction of technical production and academic research with our general manager Wang.

In the production workshop, President Wang led the dean and his team to visit our equipment control system, accompanied by the technical department to explain the operation principle and process in detail. Our patented technology and production research and development capabilities have been highly praised by President Wang and others.

After further visiting our product display area, we are satisfied with the quality of our products. He also expressed the hope that Joda Tech will continue to make persistent efforts in technology research and development, and at the same time combine the scientific research advantages of Xi'an Aviation Vocational and Technical College to firmly follow the road of combining production, education and research. Juda will also continue to innovate in the spirit of research and development, and contribute to the innovation of industrial production technology. Create a better tomorrow!


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