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Zhengzhou Joda Technology Co.,Ltd. Cooperated With Malaysia Bintulu Aluminum Industry

2017-04-27 14:12:48

Zhengzhou Joda Technology Co.,Ltd. Cooperated With Malaysia Bintulu Aluminum Industry

During the Mar 19, 2017 to Mar 23, 2017. The president of Zheng Zhou Joda Technology Co.,Ltd Mr. Wang visited the Bintulu aluminum industry. The two sides exchanged the view about cooperating. Joda Technology has invented many products, such as automatic anode busbar raising frame, aerogel insulation blanket, ladle cleaning machine, suctorial aluminum tube cleaner, abode jacking system etc. These products gained the admiration of Bintulu aluminum industry. Mr. Wang said, the target of our company is helping customs to achieve the automation and intellectualization of electrolytic workshop’s management.

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Joda Cooperated With Bintulu Aluminum IndustryJoda Cooperated With Malaysia Bintulu Aluminum Industry


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