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The Germany Customs Visited Joda

2017-04-27 14:11:09

The Germany Customs Visited Joda

In August 1, 2016, the Germany customs came to our company to visit and cooperate.

The Germany Customs Visited Joda

Accompanied by our company’s president and foreign trade manager, the customs visited the office building, workshop, warehouse and production line. The president and manager introduced our production to custom, especially for the automanic anode jacking frame, and it is welcomed to custom.

During the meeting, the customs realized our product situation, details and plan. The two sides exchanged views and discussed the cooperation and development. The customs increased confidence in our products, and expressed the willingness to cooperate with us.

If you have any questions about anode jacking frame, you can send us email to [email protected].Joda also manufacturer the ladles accessories, aerogel insulation blanket, anode jacking system, anode clamp, bimetal, aluminum ladle cleaning machine, MTV tapping tube cleaner and aluminium ceiling panel etc.


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