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Aluminum Electrolytic Anode Busbar Raising Frame To Achieve Palm Operation

2017-04-27 12:05:46

Aluminum Electrolytic Anode Busbar Raising Frame To Achieve Palm Operation

The automatic anode busbar raising frame is invented by Zheng Zhou Joda Technology Co.,Ltd, Shan Dong Xin Fa group and Hu Nan Zhong Da Co.,Ltd. And it was adopted by the scientific and technological achievements evaluation on Jun 26 in Zheng Zhou.

Because of the technology, the buabar frame works every 20 days, in the past , this work is completed by workers, they hand spanner to work, it wastes time and exists security risks. The automatic anode busbar raising frame concentrate loosen and tighten anode grab on the equipment. And it achieves a mechanized and automatic process. Using gas holding mechanism to hold the anode god on busbar, it replace the traditional mechanism, and improve the work efficiency, eliminate security risks, decrease artificial and power waste. It has historic significance to electrolytic aluminum company.

Aluminum Electrolytic Anode Busbar Raising Frame To Achieve Palm OperationChina Nonferrous Metals News

Automatic anode busbar raising frame is used in Shan Dong Xin Fa group and Chong Qing Hong Yuan company, technical reproducibility is good, high maturity, according to the measurement, when using automatic anode busbar raising frame, the operators could reduce more than a half, the operate time could reduce to 6-7 minutes, it improve the efficiency significantly. At 240KA (400,000 tons / year) aluminum electrolytic series , the annual power saving is 8.9 million KWh, Improve productivity and the safety of electrolytic series, and economic social benefits significantly.

The expert evaluation team conclude: the technology of automatic anode busbar raising frame reach to international leading level, it improves the operation to be mechanized and automatic. It provides a support for the development of aluminum electrolysis technology, we advice to speed up the promotion and application.

The president of Joda Xuying Wang says, as the manufacturing base for Hu Nan Zhong Da, the company commitment to high-end aluminum invention and export. The expert’s acceptance add new impetus for company's invention work, and enhance the confidence of promoting aluminum smelter equipment be intelligent.

The dean Xuemin Liang of Hu Nan Zhong Da told the reporter, in these years, the increased cost and the safety problem perplex the industry, as long as the innovation of pot shell technology, it lacks advanced product technology and equipment to match it, much technology stay on the artificial level, the cost is high and have many security risks.

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